Our Brews

Drink Up.

Enjoy craft beer? Us too. See the rotating selection of our own craft brews.

Beach'in Blonde

4.7% ABV / Low IBU

Summer seasonal with a hint of lemon and orange, smooth to drink.

Harry Man Porter

5.3% ABV / Low IBU

A German porter with a sweet finish of chocolate.

North Shore Pale Ale

5.3% ABV / Medium IBU

American Pale Ale brewed with a blend of centennial and cascade hops.

Tavern IPA

4.9% ABV / Very High IBU

Loaded with citrus hops and nice crisp finish.

What's Chet's Dill?

4.1% ABV / Low IBU

A very light and smooth pilsner with a pickle juice finish.

Regan's Irish Red

4.9% ABV/Low IBU

A malt forward, easy drinking red ale.